Day Four: Country-Bound

Hello lovelies!

I am in Minneriya at the moment and am writing from my phone, so do excuse the unjustified posts (alignment that is, lol). We arrived here in the morning ish, around 1130h and was really warm. Happily lunched and then napped. A few interesting work related things happened too, will not go into detail as at yet because of my unwritten policy of not letting out details on things until I know it is going to happen for sure. Skeptical like that you know. Tsk.

Sitting in the living room and listening to some oldie but goldie music.

It’s almost another world here. There isn’t much in the town but fairly enough for people to get about I feel. Two things they could work on: healthcare and uhm salons. A girl’s got to do her eyebrows yea. Teehee.

We are heading off to Polonnaruwa tomorrow, to ruin what is left of it. Saw what I did there? Haahaaaa. I think the tranquility is making me quite happy and messing with my normalcy. Lols. That is if I had something on those lines to start with. Teehee.

For the absence of justification and tags, I’m attaching a couple of pictures that I thought were pretty.

Have a good night ahead children and I hope your day was sunny.





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