The First Tuesday of September / Updates from the Box

Hello my lovelies!

Lookie. Vositha gave me flowers after the end of the workshop. SO MUCH LAU <3
Lookie. Vositha gave me flowers after the end of the workshop. SO MUCH LAU ❤

It is approximately 1558h on Monday September 01, 2014 (yes I want a Tuesday post okay?) and yay to blogging on the first MONDAY of the month! I’m super sorry for not writing anything sooner, I just checked and my last post was on August 18! Where did all the time go? 😦 I also realised that it’s been a while (three months exactly) since I did a “First Tuesday of the Month” post as well! Sigh sigh sigh. Erratic blogging habits are such a turn-off. Tsk. I apologise to anyone who bothers to read this silly, often un-proofread blog of mine and thank you as well for reading it regardless. So much lau to you! I will give you chocolates if required. Bribing is the key to a successful readership they tell me.

So while typing out one of these long-due posts, I thought of also including a couple of things I’ve been up to over the past few week, which I may or may not have spoken about on the bloggie. (I did start typing something out on my phone a few days ago, but alas, never managed to complete it.)

  1. I’m using numbers because I’m a sucker for lists like that.
  2. Work has been going good. Very good in fact. This is the current-status of things. I just got back from Nepal after a (uhm) workshop held for the region. It was well (uhm) good.
  3. Missed my flight from Nepal to India on Friday and as a result of ended spending unwanted time the Tribhuvan International Airport and flying in to India an hour before my connecting flight back home only to sign a form where the airport said that they were not responsible for our luggage if lost, only to have received it at the belt upon arrival in Colombo but then to have additional luggage to take home because of the excess of duty free shopping required for the household’s entertainment purposes. I did not use punctuation for a reason and I hope my frustration was conveyed.
  4. I still haven’t fully recovered from the weariness of the workshop, attending it and ensuring that everyone else attend it as well and then go home in one piece. All but myself and Vositha. HAHA. Whattajawkman.
  5. Continuing on the line of work, it’s going good for now. I’m still all over the place. I’m blaming it on the wretched 20s. God forbid, let’s hope the 30s are not half as bad.
  6. I am finally convinced of my ability to write. Hurrah.
  7. My consumption of “all” socially-accepted yet religiously-declined substances seem to be (steadily) on the rise. Eh.
  8. I am still losing enough hair that would ball up for thousands of wigs for the cancer hospital (I mean this in a nice way).
  9. I’ve been getting sick more often than I like to. Sigh. (and no one shows me enough sympathy. kakki.)
  10. I need a day off to think about life and what the fuck I’m doing with it.

Yes! I had to cook up the tenth point so that there is closure to this post. HAHA. Let me know what you lovelies have been up to! I hope you week is sunny 🙂


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