The Mandatory Tuesday Post

No, this isn’t mandatory. It’s something I agreed to bring upon myself and today, I failed to deliver. There are still two blogs I need to write, one drafted in “Posts” and the other in my head. Like most things in life, I suppose I would go ahead with it when I am able to work on it. Until then, I will write mediocre blogs like this one, from my phone, which I would also most probably not reread before publishing.
Life is starting to look like a series of unfinished blog posts. Work and things you mean to do, but never get around to due to multiple reasons and commitments. At some point, you start to wonder what your priorities are (or were) and where you went wrong and why you never completed and published that post.
Once you intend on completing the writing you began a while back, the train would’ve already passed and you might be the only one left at the station.

But here’s to us,
Our unfinished posts,
The ability to wake up tomorrow,
and battle out yesterday’s ghosts.

P.S. – this hasn’t been reread, I might get about to it, eventually, when it is sunnier.

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