The Story about Why I Dislike Rain

Hello Tuesday babies! 🙂

Happy Eid! ❤

So here in the sunny bunny isle of Sri Lanka, the rains have decided to come down on us. Now, for those who know me, you also know that I do not like the rain. Or cold weather. Or gloomy weather. Or you know.

Me, when it rains. (c) Google Images

Somehow the rain makes me sad. Yes, I know the little jawk of God and the angels crying and I am not claiming to be either *teehee* but, the rain is really really sad. Moreover, the gloomy weather it accompanies is so super unproductive. For having been a staunch Marxian advocate since my uni years (in the context of productivity of course, I will still have more than twenty pairs of shoes, thank you very much) the rain creates a desire to not work or in the case of today (Monday, where I actually write this post), work under gloomy weather and make horrendous mistakes that are well beyond redemption.

Yes, now I feel doubly miserable and I blame it on the weather.

Interestingly, among the few things I remember from my three-year long university education was the psychology lesson on Seasonal Affective Disorder. I hyperlinked for the lazy, you are welcome.

Not that I am overtly sunny and claim to be the advocate of all things sunshine, but when I learnt about this in uni, trust me when I tell you that it spoke to me! Duh. It obviously did because I still remember it noh. lol.

So, rainy days do get me down. So does cold weather. But the story of cold weather is also greatly influenced by my sinuses. See cold weather makes my sinuses clog up and as a result I cannot hear nor smell and become a very old grandma until the sun takes my woes away.

But I know rain is important and there are gazillions who enjoy being married to Eskimos so kudos to you all.

Leave me with my sun and I shall be happy.

P.S.: –

Two-hundred posts. Weee! (c) Google Images

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