Journal Entries

My present journal! Been using it since 2009, shows how often I write noh.
My present journal! Been using it since 2009, shows how often I write noh.

I spoke on reality or running away from it rather, a week ago and lo and behold I came across a journal entry I made last year. Yes, I keep a journal for those interested and have been since I was twelve. Apparently, this trait of mine has been a consistent one and seems to be something I would carry forward with me to the rest of my twenties (life beyond that is uncertain as at now). How I feel about that however, is not something I am still too sure of.

On the subject of alternate realities, since that is not necessarily an option, let me give you a little insight on my little places of solace. Yes, I’m becoming a little up close and personal and a certain few of you might not have anything to whine about so if you do not want to continue reading, I fully understand. 

Rightiyo. So there are a few “activities” (sounds dirty noh. Trust me they are not!) I do or places of solace I retreat to when I need well, clarity on certain things in my life. As most of you may know, or wouldn’t know, I’m a bit of a closed-person or happy loner, as I would like to call myself, and do not talk about things as often as someone else would talk to me about things. Once upon a time I did let that happen, clearly it didn’t end up the way I anticipated and small wonder I crabbed in to my shell again. These things I do or places I well resort to are also subject to my venting and rants about things I cannot say in public. I do not “yell” as a principle and given that I know what internalised anger does to one, I resort to these activities / places. 

Disclaimer: Some of the following are utterly generic and if I am ever caught doing one of the following (this sounds wrong noh) or even sitting in one of the following places, it might not always be that I’m borderline depressed, okay? Lol. 

1. Writing

Surprise, surprise for those who didn’t guess this already! 😀 I had quite a time when I am began (trying to commit to) “Blogging Tuesdays” as well, I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to speak on. On certain days (such as today) I write a day (or two) before and schedule it for a Tuesday. These scheduling things are lifesavers I tell you. If I choose to write more than once a week, then jolly good. I’m not complaining.

So “writing” is technically part 1/3 in my “Writing / Cooking / Window Shopping” tag. I’ve been writing a while now, be it in journals or diaries or newspapers, did a bit of dabbling in poetry, some blogging and turns out I could even earn a living out of it, despite not been too good at it. Yay me.

But do note, I do not always write to seek solace okei. It’s also part of my job and when there is writer’s bloc, yes that does happen, I might run out of money for tukis, my cleanser and rum. First world pains I tell you.

2. Cooking

Part 2/3 of the tag, I cook not only for solace, sometimes out of necessity (not because I’m hungry, given my effed up appetite / metabolism but because it’s part of the unmentioned list of chores) and sometimes because I’m bored. I like cooking to be honest and I think I’m alright at it, in all modesty. I can’t cook fancy, nor can I bake, but some decent rice and curry is totally my jam. I post some okay-looking unfiltered images on Instagram 😀

3. Window Shopping!

I don’t think this applies any longer, well because I neither have much time to window shop in SL nor are there enough places to do so! I picked up this habit while I lived in India and it was fabulous! My roomie was not much of a shopper, nor was my Nepali friend. As for my two Indian friends, one was a bit of a shopper, the other a lost soul like myself. Haha. I miss all of us together.

Another life, another time, I hope. 

4. Driving

Hmm, this is a tad bit subjective because this has found itself in the “chore” list. I like long drives by myself actually, even if it means going to Colombo on a perfectly chill weekend to pick up my sister’s birthday cake, alone. Yes, I am a happy loner noh. Wadudu. 

5. Working!

I like to call myself a bit of a workaholic because work keeps me happy and moreover, it keeps me occupied thereby not recreating an idle mind’s is a devil’s workshop situation we are all too familiar with. Or in other words, it keeps me sane. Working is a healthy way of releasing energy (the negative sort too), overworking leads to exhaustion which leads to a goodnight’s sleep, which then leads to waking up and repeating the process.

And monotony is so under-appreciated I tell you.

6. Jogging / Yoga

No, I’m not going Zen on you, neither am I good at doing either of the two: jogging or yoga(ing). But I do tremendously enjoy doing both and gives me my much required “time” and well, keeps me happy, healthy and hopefully slim. Lol. It’s not that bad, also it isn’t as pretentious as it seems. Trust me 🙂

Okay so I wrote all over the place today: journal-entried after a year *woots*, blogged and there is work related writing I still need to look into. 

Tell me, what sort of places do you retreat to or what do you do to find peace and solace and I don’t know, Zen? 🙂

Hope all of you have a great week ahead. Mine’s bound to be interesting, me thinks. 

P.S. – It’s still Sunday here and I know I wouldn’t write anything by Tuesday so hitting #lifesaver mode


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