The First Tuesday of June

Hola my babies. It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. Blogging Tuesdays seem to be uhm a fail of sorts. Sigh.

Work happened(ing).

Happy little distractions happened (are happening).

Okay? 😀

I don’t have a particular concern slash rant to well rant about today and not feeling the rhymes to make do a poem of sorts. In fact I am very tired. Constantly tired. There was a scheduled break that was to come my way next weekend and a rendezvous of sorts (I can never spell that word!) planned but alas, looks like that wouldn’t be happening either. In as much as I love my laptop, I wouldn’t mind going on a little journey without it.

So for those interested about my oh-so-happening life, you may read this as an update of sorts. I’m not very ‘open’ about things noh, so somethings will be very subtly inserted okay. No pun intended.

  1. I unofficially stopped my Linguistics programme. I might have to officially do so too. Clearly, I was too judgemental, I agree, but then I went for two classes okay. First was orientation. LOL. Turns out not all MA programmes are ‘oriented’ at the same time. In fact, this was the first time multiple (read: maybe four) were having a common orientation. So basically, for the supposedly orderly, this means that the University has absolutely no forward-thinking mechanism ish in place noh. Tsk. Second, the second class I went to. I missed a good deal because of travels, India and Nepal (in case you were curious noh) and for the only class I did go dear Lord. I last two sessions! Told my Mum, who was out of Colombo then, that I was driving back home during the lunch break. Picture a lecturer at the podium, literally reading slash expanding off the three sheets of ‘notes’ that was handed to you before the start of the lecture, and ranting for two whole hours? Like for real! Sigh. I’m not the most ‘interactive’ in class but if the content is real good or better, is presented real good, heck even I would become one of those front-row Johnnys. Oh and coincidentally, after having unofficially stopped the programme, I also travel less. I’m quite happy about being in SL, no doubt but thought it was curious noh. Funny how God puts things in to place.
  2. <insert deep sigh about my present relationship with God>
  3. I did apply for another programme and actually had an interview where I felt that it might not be a walkthrough as opposed to the previous programme. Others who were there seemed overly qualified and older and wiser and with fatass files and shiz. That was encouraging enough for me to actually be in the programme. Fingers crossed though. If all goes well, I would happily devote my Sundays for this.
  4. Work has been good. Yay. There is a lot to learn and even more to read but I’m not complaining, I’ve been here for six months and been quite happy with the work. There is a lot I feel I can do, I just need to pull myself together to do all these noh. Moreover, it’s been a good, productive feeling and that is quite an achievement for someone who is overly critical about most things in life. #PodiWin

    #SexyBack0.2 I might look like this yes. #NarcissismFTW
    #SexyBack0.2 I might look like this yes. #NarcissismFTW
  5. Minor distractions. LOL. Let’s just say that I have been going out more and stop at that? It’s been good though. My mother frowns and my bestie is thrilled at my new-found socialnesss. LOL. Do holla if you see if wandering about in my infamous pattiyalas where people get lost. I might even buy you a drink.
  6. Oh an I got a new phone. YAYAYA.

So what’s been happening with you babies? I missed writing here and do hug your monitor slash screen now if you feel like its time to get your shit together.

2 thoughts on “The First Tuesday of June

  1. done.

    Yay to the new phone! need to celebrate you joining the hipster community in a non-mainstreamical (probably made that word up right now) manner.

    Double yay for your new found social butterfly-ness no yay to actual butterflies though,,,argh! little distractions huh? when are you going to tell us “what” it is ah?

    You being out of the blogging scene has cause a energy drain in the time and space continuum which caused the time rifts to collapse on itself and cause other bloggers to malfunction. yeah… I have been watching way too much Doctor Who! nonsense there is no such thing as too much Doctor Who! Yawzah! now I’m talking to myself on a comment?

    tl;dr version: I have missed a couple of week of blogging and I’m blaming you just as an excuse 😛

    This is one of the strangest comments I have ever made!

    laus and hugs!


    1. So much love and lols. Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Elaborations of sorts will be made later 😉



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