When Adults Fail

I’m writing this post _way_ in advance (read, Saturday) only because I’m not too sure if I could get in another post on time for Tuesday and of course there is post #175 and the Burger King treat.

Adults failing. This has been on mind a while. Seeing a rise in the number of ‘adult failings’ too, doesn’t really contribute positively towards this cause either. Call me judgemental, which I am, but here is what I classify as ‘adult failings’.

  1. Being overly in debt.
  2. Having unruly children.
  3. Realising that the marriage that isn’t going anywhere but continuing to remain married.
  4. Inadequate savings.
  5. Happy accidents (?!) and more chairs to the dining table.

My classification of ‘adults’ are those of Generation Y. At this moment, I conveniently classify myself a ‘child’ and all those belonging to the parents’ generation as ‘adults’. Thank you.

Please note that each of these situations are supported by real life examples known to me and while this is not meant to divulge information of their concerns, it is post to help me understand as to why these things happen?

To err is human. However, as a child, I don’t think this statement is true for adults.

As my plea as a child is, if ‘adults’ or ‘parents’ make mistakes, what examples do you set for us children? Do we have an ideal fairytale to fall back on in real life? 

For most of us ‘disturbed’ children, the lack of exemplary adults has led to us forming misconceptions of our lives and our entry into adulthood.

As my post on relationships said a few days ago, I am of the firm belief that any ‘romantic’ relationship I find myself in is bound to come to an end, due to lack of compromise from my end. This has happened before and due to the mental construct I continue to formulate in my little head, I may subconsciously continue to tell myself the same mantra, every time I meet someone new. 

While I agree that certain failings in adults are due to mistakes they did in their childhood / early adult years, I wonder if Gen Y realises that there is a new breed of children belonging to Gen X who is scared of letting themselves out in society, falling in love, getting married, having children and even not having enough savings.

As witness and subject to the failings of these adults, I have become a person scared of all of the above situations. At the same time I give myself abundance of importance and consider myself imperishable. Lol.

I dunno. Maybe there should be a proper handbook on how these things are done. Clearly our folks’ generation seem to go by a hit or miss rule. Some of us over here are debating life, individuality and struggles to mediate between that of which is native and ‘adopted from the West’. The thought of what Gen Y’s ‘misses’ would do when they conquer the world however, now that is not a very a sunny thought.

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