February Updates

Hola my dear reader! 🙂

How are you this fine Tuesday? I hope this Tuesday is fine because it’s still 2251 h on Monday night from this end of the screen 😀 Yes! I am writing the day before coz I would be travelling for most part of the day tomorrow and then wouldn’t be able to write on time and would feel bad and then some of you ACTUALLY TEXT ME ASKING WHY I NO BLOG! Haw indeed ❤ Muchas laus.

As you can see, I’ve been blogging, a LOT! Like hello, it’s only the 11th and this is my fifth post for the month and WHOA!

I like celebrating little things such as these and treat myself to a (double, maybe) whopper next week. Let me know if you want one too 🙂 I’d make sure it’d be post #175 with your picture innit #MarketingStrategy 

But on a serious note, I’m super happy about writing more. I usually tend to write more when things are so-so or not-so or I’m miserable or depressed or you know similar hormone-induced reasonings. But at the moment, things are actually good. Very good in fact. There is so much of work that just keeps magical lands itself on my many inboxes every single day and I am loving every moment of it #EmployerBrowniePoint I think what I love most is the fact that I actually allow myself time to blog more along with completing the daily dose of required chores in the household and keeping in touch with people (some are compromised sorry! I still love you though okei) and I dunno just making it through the day.

It almost seems as though I got my jazz together. 


In other news, I began doing something I’ve been wanting to do for this blog like years ago. Actually it began last August and still is in the process of being updated buuuuuut, I created a Google sheet with all the posts I’ve ever written! I realised that a bottom-up approach was easier (isn’t it always 😉 ) and  well, it still continues to make it way to the top, but it will get there, eventually.

Lookie a screenshot for proof! :)
Lookie a screenshot for proof! 🙂

*excuse me while I get rid of dirty thoughts*

As for other updates, wellllll, I started teaching. *cough*



You are now allowed to die.

Now that we’ve recovered, let me start by saying that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I started ‘documenting’ my experiences #BrowniePoint and am still two minds as to whether I should upload it daily or as an entire category when it’s all done (in a few weeks) or not upload it at all. Hmm. At times, exhaustion gets the best of me and I pass out on my laptop while planning for next day’s class and hence the update may not be daily-daily but more on the lines of reliving the daily on another day.


But I’m still unsure as to whether I’d put it online. I need the thinking time and that happens during my over excited Monday lunch plans with yours truly.

Also, let me know who wants to celebrate #175 with me. If you are the non-whopper kind, you are allowed to have anything else. Also, Burger King in Rajagiriya okay. Colombo is far away.

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