On (the Importance of) Wedding Rehearsals

So, just in case you are not my following me on Foursquare or Twitter or know me in person to see slash hear slash witness my various makeovers as a wedding guest, you are about to read one.

For those who know me, you know that I avoid weddings like the plague. Mostly because I cannot be bothered with the process of dolling up. Don’t get me wrong, I like dressing up, just not for weddings.But what do you know, God thought it was time and BAM, four weddings in January. I might also add that this is the same month I begin working from home and thus intended to cut down on expenses, right?


Weddings. Sigh. There are only so many times that you can reuse a sari and worst, weddings aren’t an LBD event. So this means, buying material and buying shoes and going back and forth to the various seamstresses (obviously coz I don’t trust my osari girl with a dress and vice versa) and salon appointments and makeup remover and wedding presents and transport arrangements and becoming occasionally emotional when you see your school friend get married.

*insert tear*

<Loon Tao keeps sending me Valentine’s Day ball requests.>

So, this is a hurried post, I should’ve written like yesterday BECAUSE, I have another (also final) wedding to go for in a bit. All the way in Kandy, this time I thought of embracing my *ahem* half-Sinhala side of the situation.

Also, the topic! I forgot to speak in relevance to the topic of this post. Always so me, missing the point when it is right in your face. Mr Poe can go re-purloin that shiz.

So, the 3/4 wedding was within the family. It was a remarriage so wasn’t as jill-baranged. (JILL! ❤ :D) Since Akki flew back to Dubai, I am now the eldest in our generation (among 11 nieces and nephews, if I may add). Muhaha. So, I get bossy, I have no issue with that. Especially, when I have seventeen year-old cousins who squeal at the site of boys. Worse, the only old enough boy-cousin (fourteen, the other fellow is three, the other two are from the first marriage of the remarrying uncle so uh-uh, weren’t there), REFUSED to take pictures? I mean what is with that? Women aren’t allowed in the main party hall and shiz when the signing jazz is going on (we be the Muslims!) and this stupid fellow is just standing there. GAH. Now because of this boy, we have no ring-putting picture. GAH. Also, I was told to hold the ring for the new-aunt. Okay. But I give the box to my existing-uncle, right?


Duh. You ought to know that. But I didn’t! In my opinion, for whatever it is worth, the two scenarios listed above could have been avoided had there been a wedding rehearsal! Sigh. Even if it is a remarriage in small scale business or whatever, wedding is a ruddy wedding and people would want to take hundred-and-one pictures and these should all be accurately planned with both parties.

<insert lack of communication and eye-ball rolling.>

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