The First Tuesday of January

I’m sorry about this being a really lame title but I’m really tired and my creative faculties are dying. DYING. dead. I was writing something out of frustration the other day, but like most good things in life, that did not see to its end either. It now looks like all the remaining, incomplete manuscripts of what I once would’ve considered to be, great books. But hey, new TAG: 2014! Seventy-four bloggies for 2013. Hurrah.

Life this new year, seven days and counting, has been very good to me. I’m crazy busy and sleep, food and workout patterns seem to arrive at some consensus. Or that is what I keep telling myself. Working at home isn’t as fancy as it sounds, trust me. It is an awful lot of fun, especially if you are those ‘space’ people, like yours truly. However, mediating with those around you on how working-from-home actually does include ‘more work’, is a biiiit of a toughy. One more buzzkill, there is no room for writers bloc. Bloody bollocks. I am dreading come August / September (those were the dark writing periods for the past two years).

In other news, January happens to be an ideal wedding month! Not just in terms of ‘nakath’, but also for the Christian folk. Don’t even ask Putha. I be the non-attending weddings is now running around in saris, osaris and little dresses to three weddings. Actually four, there is a family one too, but that is all shalwar-fied. Holy-poly we are.

I do not make New Year resolutions, but there is a secret desire to complete an aforementioned manuscript! 😀 YAY. That is a little far-fetched also, but a girl can only dream. Life seems confined to the island this year – with the exception of temporary travels – and that brings down the chances for the next degree too. I’ve partially given up education options in the country, but I suppose it’s about time I stop being lazy and over-the-phone talk. Should get down and dirty at those FGSs (Faculties of Graduate Studies).

I couldn’t think of anything more interesting to write, I’ve been home all week. Just being out for meetings and shoe and gift shopping. Sigh. The weekend is a rave, *sly smile* and would hopefully result in sunnier things, come the fourteenth.


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