It’s Christmas!

Hurrah for stating the obvious. Tsk. But I’ve missed my last Tuesday post noh? How did that happen? :O Was it a holiday? Like poya? :s I’m so sorry I did. I had forgotten wage. If there was anyone who was looking forward to it, sorry about it!

Lookie our pretty tree with ALL THE GIFTS! I GOT a 2014 planner *yay*, hair stuff *yay* and vouchers *yay*
Lookie our pretty tree with ALL THE GIFTS! I GOT a 2014 planner *yay*, hair stuff *yay* and vouchers *yay*

So, I’m feeling positively Christmassy today and I look around at my work folks and  Twitter timeline and realise that not many people share similar sentiments! Haw 😦 So, time to play elf *rubs palms together*

Here are a few things I could piece together from the top of my mind, I hope it would work and you would love me and we could all be happy.

a) Listen to my killer 8tracks playlist here.

b) Watch Love Actually. Muhaha.

c) Buy something for someone else, wrap it nicely (if you can’t, please go to Odel and stand in line) and hand it over on Christmas. Even I don’t celebrate Christmas, but ’tis now a global celebration noh. We are celebrating Christmas at home too and exchanging gifts and shiz. I’ll upload a picture once I get home okei.

d) Watch this and this Superwoman videos.

e) Introspection taime! Write down ten nice things you did for yourself (even if it is spending 2000 bucks at McDonald’s JUST FOR YOURSELF!) within the year. I bought myself a yummy Fillet burger yesterday and was thrilled.

f) If you are single, buy yourself a pretty Christmas present! Yay. If you are not, well too bad. Muhaha. Kidding, by something for your other/better/worse half.

I can’t think of more at the moment, but will add to the list if I do and till then, you could let me know if there is anything else that could go on the list too. Yay.

Stay happy and think sunny my Jillies.


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