Hot Cakes!

Woots. So it’s my birthday. WAS my birthday. But it’s the week following my birthday, so I guess it’s still my birthday and I am allowed to be a brat about it. Lalaalallala. No, I don’t want to hear you out. Tsk.

So Mandela died. I’m sorry Sir, you were great and all but when you live at GMT +5.30 and most of the tweet-as-it-happens news stations decide to rub it in your face, you feel guilty about having a particular song on loop (see below!).

Having said my RIPs and all, being the nice person I am I decided to treat the work people to cupcakes. Okay, this was decided before Mr M decided to kick the bucket.

Woots! Eggless cupcakes that hardly misses an egg :D (I stole a pic from Auntie Maureen's page)
Woots! Eggless cupcakes that hardly misses an egg!
(I stole a pic from Auntie Maureen’s page)

Since, (brace myself) November I decided to run to Auntie Maureen not because I knew Auntie Maureen’s daughter (or rather my sister!), but mainly coz I found an early Christmas spark on their page. You know, that Christmas spark, twinkle in the eye, glint in the corner of the frame sort of thing. There was so much life, warmth and love in those deliciously too-pretty-to-eat goodies.

Now, let’s come to the food itself. So, I’m a self-proclaimed non-foodie. But I did have one of these babies. They were eggless also! I’m a nice person who takes in consideration the problems of vegetarians and vegans. Om.

  • First, the were pretty. Four big trays filled with deliciously iced cupcakes.
  • Second, they were pretty filling! I’ve been hogging like there is no tomorrow (read: four kilos!) and whoa, even I couldn’t have more than one. But that didn’t stop the workforce from downing two or three as they pints of beer or something. Buhaha.
  • Third, the icing lady (Akki’s friend!) came to collect the trays from my workplace toooooo.
  • So many wins!

The ladies behind Auntie Maureen (Auntie Maureen and her daughter and soon the grand daughter too, me thinks!) are one of those fine Victorian specimens with a twenty-first century twist: they cook, bake, knit, stitch, are very artsy craftsy, have pretty daughters and work, like full-time! #Superwomen

If the pic isn’t tempting enough order and gobble yourself. They even have fancy Christmas hampers and stuff. According to my sister, the milk toffees are unstoppable. You wouldn’t even realise how many you’ve downed until the tin is over. Slurp.


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