Just Another Tuesday Post.

Hola fellows. It’s Tuesday! I did completely forget that I had ‘agreed’ to blog every Tuesday and bam! So in news, we had a house guest over for two consecutive weekends who renamed Sri Lanka as ‘Sari Island’. Okay, I call it that but, you get the picture noh 😀

I hadn’t really prepared for this so it might be a little short and all over the place. Lols. That sounds wrong without any context noh.

In other news, our workplace shifted to a new place! So much swag it is 🙂 Yay.


Darn it, I slept for nearly twelve hours last night (I had a long Sunday, you see) and just rubbed my kajal-ed-eye. Tsk. Must be looking like a little Halloween treat during Christmas 😀

And Christmas is coming! Yay. A lot of other fancy birthdays too noh. Lolity.

What else, what else.  I might write a ‘Sari Island’ bloggie soon, possible another followed by ‘On Reassurance’ to perhaps reassure myself also. Ayyo salli.

So till I write a more detailed, well structured bloggie, I be off.

Oh, I thought of getting in to vlogging?


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