Out of Office Reply

Have you ever come up with the title before the post? Well I have, did it with this also. I used to do that from poetry days. Clearly the poetry doesn’t happen anymore. Tsk. Also, I think the title-first approach was a result of the 200-cast Director during College days. Some branding technique she seemed to manipulate, not as effectively though. So yes, hence the name.

This was actually supposed to be one of those explanatory posts on the self-imposed hiatus. I also seem to be avoiding people. And going partially vegetarian. Ohmygawd. I think the world is coming to an end.

On a more serious note, I’m currently going through what my Nepali friend likes to call ‘quarter life crisis’. Life is being tough on me or rather, I am making it so for myself. Decisions are being made, however what lies ahead is a blurry line of things. Tsk. Lookie my sad references also, you get the idea noh.

So here’s a warning to anyone who might be reading this. Blogging might be sporadic. Along with tweeting, eating and meeting people. I don’t know how to nicely say that I’m taking a break from life, but that seems to best define the phase.

Until life seems right again.
Lau to all.

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