Picking up the Pieces

It’s Tuesday! 🙂 Sorry about last Tuesday being a fail. Sometimes, things don’t work out as you planned, yes? But then again some of us are so fixated on a plan that when they don’t execute accordingly we get all woozy. I mean, what could’ve possibly gone wrong? Yes, you overslept or you did something wrong that resulted in the entire operation taking an ugly turn. Tsk. You dismiss it as a one-off deal, but what happens when it continues to happen? You continue to oversleep or make  a mess out of things and dushang. You are done.

But here I am telling you that you are not done.

You will continue to fight the same battles despite oversleeping or continuing to make a mess of things but getting the work done at the end of the day.

You will continue to do the same mistake over and over again that would become a norm.

This norm you would use to your advantage and then before you know it, you are indispensable. People wouldn’t know what to do without you. Over a matter of weeks, you are a hero. Or heroine. Or whatever that comes in between.

You celebrate on the first Friday your way about your new found fifteen minutes of fame that is taken away from you in a matter of fifteen seconds.

Yet, you are not done.

You go on like a junkie addicted to harmful substances. Or if that is what they call it these days.


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