Why I Continue to Tweet

Okay, this was supposed to come in yesterday, as part of #BloggingTuesdays , but it didn’t. Why? i don’t know. I’ve been horrendously lazy these days and motivation levels have gone from hero to zero. It’s not writer’s block. That much I know. I mean I can write at the moment, I’m not suffering from the inability to write, just the motivation me thinks. Haw. 

Coming back to what I would be dealing with today, or should’ve dealt with yesterday: tweeting / Twitter / or whatever floats your boat.

For those who know me, they do know that I’m not a superbly social person. I like the company of people yes, but it takes me a while (like most people) to ‘click’ with someone to have a drink with them. Wait, I don’t drink anymore. Haw. However, I can do okay without the company of people as well! (No surprise most of my Sims carry the ‘loner’ trait. Giggles.) There are tonnes of talking bots online. A leetle note to the developers out their, please rework the AI APIs or something, they tend to get a little repetitive. Or just get Siri on board! 🙂

One of the reasons I got off Facebook was well, it started getting verrryy nosy, I mean it’s all nice and fun when you like someone and want to go through all of their pictures to find out whose hand he is holding in all pics or to find out if the girl sitting on his lap is actually his little sister. However, then it got all next-door-neighbour-ly and I mean seriously, I would see my relatives way more on Facebook than in real life?! The latter never happened IRL for a reason. Why should it be virtually replicated, noh. Also, I got bored with Facebook. I get bored with things and uhm well things noh.

Now Twitter. I’ve gotten bored of this too. There’s either Drama or no Rama and hayyo, they are starting to get all Facebookie, I feel. Uncool. I’ve deactivated my account before, had some server downtime to deal with. Haw. But then I reactivated it coz people laus me. Haw. However, after this weekend’s deactivation, I realised that I couldn’t do that again: ask.fm! *ahem it’s: http://ask.fm/seniinthebox . Buhaha*

I think I made my point clear ladies gentlemen, have a good afternoon. I’m heading to the exit now 😀

4 thoughts on “Why I Continue to Tweet

    1. Haaahaaa. I meant it metaphorically. There is no exit ehema. I was running away in shame after giving my ask.fm URL 😀



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