I Slept

And I don’t feel bad about it. Lols.

My levels of productivity have not been at its best. So demotivated. So unproductive. An unexplained period of writer’s block. I’m glad that I’m not a sim. I may have been fired due to lack of performance. Job performance, that is. Lols. Dirrrtty.

At the moment, I am writing this while listening to a killer mix on 8tracks also, but it’s been a good morning. I read a loooooot of stuff, which I hope would translate to something sellable, soon.

But yes, to combat my inability to write and to not get me crying again, I slept last night. Early: 09pm. And woke up early: 04am. Haw. Okei, I snoozed for an hour more. I’m shape eke growing up. Yay.

I think the big sleep last night made life good. Very good actually. I guess some sleep and some food is important noh, once in a way. Today has been going good ish. Let’s hope it continues to be sunny. Sorry the post isn’t really #BloggingTuesdays material, will make up soon.

Have a good week all ❤


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