Plain Tea uhm Ariyasena

Wee. Lunch at the Doll.
Wee. Lunch at the Doll.

It’s blogging Tuesday! Yes, we are blogging about the discovery of plain tea. My discovery of plain tea actually. However, today also coincides with another tea person’s birthday! Our very own fancy tea man, Sudaththa! One of my closest friends, #ForeverZoned and always loved ❤

When Sudaththa first offered me plain tea, Nuwara Eliya ones also (which is supposed to be kickass, lu) I uhm nearly died. And then, and then and then! My office ran out of milk powder for the ten minutes I went in search of tea! haw! And I was desperately in need of tea and I decided to settle for plain tea. And then, and then! I liked it. A lot. I must’ve, I had four cups after! That’s even a lot for me noh.

However, on this day, Children’s Day, the Discovery of Plain Tea Day and most importantly, Sudaththa’s birthday, let me insert a whole load of generic wishes to this little tea guy. Below is a little video compilation of all the pretty pics Umesh’s camera took on Sunday, at the surprise birthday lunch at China Doll. It’s not much of a ‘post-post’ but a little birthday wish in the form of a bloggie.

Have a super Tuesday lovelies and happy birthday Suds 🙂

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