On Prioritising

It’s Tuesday! Yes, it’s #BloggingTuesdays Lols. Lookie me shamelessly promoting myself 😀 Actually I’m a little ashamed to not have written as much. Work has kept me busy (yes, that is good news undoubtedly but it’s at the expense of not-blogging. Haw.) and there’s been jazz happening at home and well you know, life is always different when you are not living alone, noh.

So, while writing this post at 0017 h, I am acutely aware of the pile of work that needs to be completed before napping for the night. There is also a shoot in the morning (I do videos! Not of mine of course. Actually, I like editing, shooting well, not so much) and I need to wake up early as well. Tempted to either sleep in my work clothes or not nap at all.

And I choose to write about prioritising stuff. Irony much? No, not really 🙂

As I said, I am acutely aware of the work awaiting my attention. However, at the same time I made a commitment to myself and to this blog (and secretly to my *ahem* readership!) that I intend to keep. As a good friend of mine always says, “Work will always be there.” Moreover, there will always be something more difficult than the problem you managed to tackle yesterday. But that does not always mean that the more difficult concern deserves to be in the top of your to-do list.

For me, things and people always work on a first come, first serve deal.

For people, I practice a 24 hr rule. Not being a fan of spontaneity I ensure that all my friends give me 24 hrs notice if they want to meet up. Even on Fridays! #TGIF I would prefer more than 24 hrs to be honest, like a week ahead, so I know how my week would be when I iron my clothes during the weekend 😀 This means, if my friend wants to do dinner on Thursday and tells me on Monday, I would not cancel my plans for my sister who wants to do something the same night and tells me so on Wednesday! (Okay, I might but this is situational #OneMustBeStrategic)

Likewise, this post too could have waited till later today (it’d still be Tuesday noh) but then, I decided on this before all this ‘more-important’ work came into existence and I really didn’t want to blog at work this week. Lols.

Cheers and have a fabulous Tuesday! 🙂

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