Explaining ‘Ramas’

Hello! We are back again with blogging Tuesdays and I just sounded like an advertisement 😀 *cough-but-does-not-choke.jpg*

I’ve been cooking a little idea in that blonde head of mine, new venture she said? YES! Excited excited excited we are. Let’s just try to find the time now. Since the trend has been to run after money. Haw.

So today, I’d be explaining another overused word of mine: ‘Ramas’. I’ve already provided lengthy explanations to the work folks on Skype clearly coz it’s overused! However, for the benefit of my assumed readership, we shall go in to ‘Ramas’ before the word becomes redundant from Seni’s Ephemeral Vocabulary. Haw! Lookie the new movie title eh *snigger*

We start of by going back to our roots. No Indians, I do not mean Rama-Seetha-happy-family-with-Ravan.jpg If I recall correct, ‘Rama’ first came into use with the Brahmins in my class I think, while in India. This was also accompanied with the hand to mouth :O gesture. It was an alternative “Blasphemy” exclamation.

Lols. Lookie what Google Images gives me! :D
Lols. Lookie what Google Images gives me! 😀

Following this incident, I became a mini-fan of YouTuber iiSuperwomanii – not going to hyperlink that coz Lilly Singh is popular! – where she once used ‘Rama Drama’ to indicate ‘Drama’. (On second thought, I’m not sure if she did or if I was hallucinating, while watching the vid. Probably the latter) Since I do have a soft spot for words that rhyme [When I used to play with my cousin Amaal, (pronounced Amal) when he was much smaller, it used to be “Amal-Kamal-Nilkamal” – yes, I’m lame like that #ftw] I was like haw, why not?

‘Rama’ then moved on to its present form ‘Ramas’, actually after the Tea House near my hood, “Rama’s Tea House”. The place is quite swell I must say, nice folks they have 🙂

 So there you have it folks! My ‘Ramas’ contribution. As I said, the word might soon find its way in the archives folder as many of the other words that made it to Seni’s Ephemeral Vocabulary. Use it, while it lasts 😉

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