How-To: Not Strain Your Caffeinated Beverage

It’s blogging Tuesday! Yes, I started my little trend hokay. And I meant to type this out yesterday while I was ‘not’ working [official working hours – tsk], but ended up working while I was at home and haw, we know what happened next.

Just a short intro to blogging Tuesday. I’ve been shape eke talked into cultivating a writing thinamajig. I’m still trying to figure out the thingamijaig part, but at least I thought one should start by abiding by a schedule. I mean Superwoman has videos every Monday and Thursday! See what I did there? 😉 I might to a more flared up post about #BloggingTuesday soon.

So this post is dedicated to all those who love their teas and coffees. For those who  order a cup of tea (coz some of cannot decide between Cappuccino, Americanos and Cafe Lattes – yes I am aware of the different milk to coffee ratios, but still) before they decide on the main course.

Point being, I love both my teas and coffees much more than white rum. Not lying. However, since India, I got used to dust-powder ish instant milk that doesn’t need to be strained *lazy individual* Shit got real when Anchor / Fonterra went and made a mess of things and us Anchor-babies had to shift to Highland *gasp* Moreover, I used to have Nescafe 3-in-1s at work coz I was again lazy and couldn’t be bothered with straining my tea / coffee! So the Mother, yes the woman of all things great, taught me a trick to avoid this hassle of straining and I felt a leetle obliged to share it with my great readership ❤

So I took pics at work yesterday and couldn’t switch the flash on. Also, just when I started mixing my coffee, milk and sugar, the lunch room had a sudden influx of people leaving me to sheer, attempted discretion.

Sorry the pics came after, I don’t know if it is possible to get the images next to the text, if it is possible then I clearly don’t know how it is done. Haw 😦 

Step 01 

Mix ingredients: coffee / tea, milk, sugar (I make tea the lazy way!)

Step 02

Mix all ingredients with a bit of cold water. Do not say that you thought it was hot water. I thought so too, but adding hot water would only require straining the darn thing once you are done.

Step 03

Stir well. Rofl. Okei once the stirring’s done use hot water and brim up the mug.

Step 04

Drink up! I’ve attached pics of both tea and coffee. The former is of tea bags though, work doesn’t inconvenience themselves with leaves lu.

Step 01: Coffee, milk and sugar
Step 01: Coffee, milk and sugar
Step 02: Add a bit of cold water
Step 02: Add a bit of cold water
Step 03: Brim up the mug with hot water
Step 03: Brim up the mug with hot water
Step 04: Drink up, coffee!
Step 04: Drink up, coffee!
Step 04: Drink up, tea!
Step 04: Drink up, tea!

8 thoughts on “How-To: Not Strain Your Caffeinated Beverage

  1. hahaha.. you didn’t know about adding cold water to mix sugar, milk powder and tea / coffee? I knew since i was a kid! haw! Also this is a good way to mix those nasty milk powders that.just.won’t.dilute!! 😀



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